I’m knee deep in a season that’s filled with little time to sit down with friends and lots of time for reading. It’s a strange one, but it’s really good all the same. One of the things born out of this season is the best little book club on Facebook. It moves a little slower, […]

I can’t believe it’s finally time to reveal to y’all the big relaunch! It’s been a whirlwind of a process and I’m so excited for y’all to see it now. I’ve been all sorts of ate up, for almost a year now, with deciding what direction I wanted to go with this business and then […]

This session marks the 5th year of photoshoots with this rambunctious bunch. Their energy and jokes and goofy faces are only getting better with age. I’m looking forward to the ideas they’ll bring to the table when they’re all in their teens. They’ll give me a run for my money, but it’ll be so worth […]

There’s so much spinning around in my head right now. I’ve pushed past how things were supposed to look and I can once again dream of what they could instead be. This time though? I’ve grown a bit. I’ve come face to face with the fact that a dream without execution is crap. My greatest […]

It was a hot and busy Texas day… I think that’s how you could describe all of my Spring sessions this year! I’m just glad I finally got a non-windy one. Also, we had shade and that’s the bombdotcom for a hot Spring day. Regardless of the temperature these family members were troopers! They persevered […]

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