What I Read Last Year This list is mostly here for me to use for reference. Heck, most of my blog posts are just here for me to look back on at some point for whatever reason. This one is here so I can take a little self-pride in how much I read last year. […]

Alright friends, please be gentle and hear my heart on this one. I’m so terribly afraid that it’s going to come across like I’m pushing an agenda with this post. I make a living off photographing people. I’m all about the importance of having photos of you and your family (even especially if they’re just […]

Time for Vlog #2. I’m thinking I’m going to have to call my vlogs “The Rabbit Trail.”   Podcasts I mentioned: Bad Christian Cults by Parcast Church & Other Drugs You can find my other vlogs here & my other Whole 30 posts here.

Today we are officially one-third of the way through our Whole 30 journey (lies. today is one third and one day because I took too long to post this). I’m feeling great but Wil thinks I’m in the angry stage. I think he’s stupid. I’m finally past the crazy sugar cravings, but I can walk into […]

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