2018 Was Better Than it Seemed

February 11, 2019

2018 in Review

Sorry, I tried to rhyme there. You know I know better, but I just can’t help myself! I’m not a poet and I know it.

2018 was much better to me than expected. Ending 2017 with the loss of Matt made the start of last year rough, but we persevered. I wrote a few rather emotional blog posts, made some sad playlists, and spent lots of time cuddled up on the couch with Wil. It was a hard fight to keep my depression in check. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only pain I felt last year, but the rest didn’t affect me as hard. I’m so terribly thankful for a few ladies who let me cry to them on a way too regular basis. They brought me coffee when I needed it most, checked in on me when I was checked out, and held my deepest sorrows close. Hopefully, they know who they are and how much I needed them last year.

I’m also very thankful for Wil keeping me together even when it was hard for him too. He’s my rock, and ironically being like The Rock is pretty much one of his life goals, haha! Unironically 75% of the movies we watched last year included The Rock. We celebrated 5 years being Mr. and Mrs. and for that, I am the most thankful. We went camping for our anniversary and minus my car up and dying on our way to Pedernales Falls, it was the break we both desperately needed. Having him by my side last year was the ultimate highlight.

We started playing Dungeons & Dragons last year and I can’t even begin to explain to you guys how important it has become for my mental and emotional wellbeing. It sounds so silly, but having to set aside time to use my imagination on a regular basis is so healing. Not to mention, being forced to get out of the house and spend time with people outside of work is so, so important. I’ve been looking for years for something to foster my creativity in a non-work capacity and I finally found it.

This was also the first year that I started ending every shoot saying “dang, I think I’ve finally got this.” It was way too regular that I left a session and couldn’t think about anything except for what I could have done better. I was happy with my work, but I found no pride in it. That’s changing though (both from learning and practice, but also from finally caring for my own self-worth). I grew in my posing and editing style and I really feel like I’ve started down a unique and vibrant path.

Wil and I traveled a fair bit this year too! We visited Ohio, Maryland, California, Lousiana, Mexico, Belize, and saw a whole dang lot of Texas.

It was a good year. Lots of growth and new beginnings and I think it was a really good set up for an even better year to come.

Of course one of the greatest highlights of 2018 was the photoshoots and weddings. I got to shoot some of my OG favorite people and added some new favorite people to the list. I love what I do, but the people are really where it’s at. Your support, passion, and inspiring creativity are what makes this all work. You the real MVP.
Without further rambling, here are a few of my favorite photos from 2018.


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