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March 3, 2019

San Antonio, TX

Prepare yourself for a GIANT blog post, ok? Amanda’s smoke bomb session is out of this world. I really couldn’t narrow this one down any more than I did and that’s saying something because there’s still a bunch for photos from this session that I wish I was including. Guys, this session slayed me. It stirs something in me deep down and lights a creative fire like none other. I’m so stoked for you guys to see this session.

As you’ll probably catch really quickly, you’ve seen Amanda lots of other places on this blog. We became friends because she invited me to shoot her wedding and we’ve been friends ever since. I got to take pictures of her and Jared again when they graduated from college. She’s incredibly creative (even though she doubts that some days) and she’s pretty much as naturally photogenic as they come. She makes my job easy.

Years ago Wil bought me a bunch of smoke bombs at a fireworks stand (he’s pretty much always the catalyst for all my projects). They weren’t as easy to use as the big smoke bomb sticks you see on youtube, but because they’re much cheaper we had a lot to play with. I think next time I use smoke we’ll give the sticks a try, but these certainly weren’t bad. I also got a lot of off-camera lighting practice once it got dark and I’m going to try to get a lot more after-dark sessions in.

Check out this smoke bomb session and see if you can pick a favorite photo from it.


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