August + Krystin | Engaged

March 25, 2019

San Antonio, TX

To say that I’m excited to see these 2 love bugs engaged is an understatement. It’s been obvious from the beginning just how perfect they are for each other. They clearly compliment and challenge each other in the best of ways. I’ve watched their love grow and mature for 9 years now and I’m stoked to see them start this new adventure.

I’ve been taking pictures of them for quite some time now, so it was pretty crazy to look back and see how much things have changed. We still are total suckers for a field of wildflowers though! Comparing the photos was extremely weird. They aren’t teenagers anymore and I’ve got 8 years of photo-taking practice under my belt. As hard as I try to not compare myself to others, there does seem to be something beneficial that comes from comparing the you now to the you 8 years ago.

We took their San Antonio engagement photos along the Riverwalk because sometimes we have to be real San Antonians. San Antonites? Whatever. The weather was perfect, we managed to find wildflowers, and Wil continued being the best pack mule around. 😉 It was an absoutely perfect session and I can’t wait for y’all to check it out!

August and Krystin, it was a pleasure as always. Can’t wait for you guys to tie the knot. 13 DAYS!

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Last but not least is the dopest GIF around. I’m going to have to make more of these!

jumping couple

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