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San Antonio It’s time for Miss Thang’s 6-month milk bath portraits. This was unexpectedly one of my favorite sessions that I’ve done this year. I rarely ever take photos of babies, even with family sessions, so I was a little worried about how this one would go. Thankfully for me, this girl is a pro! […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Timeline

It’s finally time for the question that gets asked the most often: how to plan your wedding timeline! This is important both if you’re hiring a wedding planner/coordinator or not. We’re specifically talking about the serval hour weddings of the past and future. If you’re interested in timelines for micro weddings be sure to let […]

bride and groom

San Antonio, TX I didn’t plan for my last post to be followed by an actual socially distant wedding, but talk about perfect timing! James and Kaitlyn’s wedding date was in the crazy middle of the original COVID shutdown here in Texas. It would have been so easy to have allowed it to disrupt all […]

Still from Socially Distant Wedding Planning Video

Welcome to 2020 where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter! Wait… Wrong show… Welcome to another video in my series of Unsolicited Wedding Advice! Today’s subject is how to plan a socially distant wedding. It might not be the hand we wanted, but it was the hand we were dealt and […]

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Let’s talk about how to choose your wedding photographer. There’s a lot more to it than just picking one out of a hat, but there is no need to be overwhelmed. In this video, we’ll hit on the top 3 things to consider when making this decision. Pause Netflix, watch this video, and then discuss […]

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