San Antonio, TX To say that I’m excited to see these 2 love bugs engaged is an understatement. It’s been obvious from the beginning just how perfect they are for each other. They clearly compliment and challenge each other in the best of ways. I’ve watched their love grow and mature for 9 years now […]

San Antonio, Texas Meet mine and Wil’s dear friends Danny & Jennifer. We’ve been friends with Danny for forever and had regularly had the discussion of how excited we were for Danny to find his “one” because we knew we were going to absolutely love her. It came as no surprise to us when we met Jennifer […]

You know that peace that comes when you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? One of the ways we experience this is at the moment that we realize we’re meant to be with someone. All of a sudden there’s a calmness that overcomes you and no matter how insane life was or will be, you […]

So, I’m convinced that Josh and Amanda are a love song incarnate. Not one of those that’s sappy and almost makes you feel sad at the end of it, but the kind that leave you full of electricity. They are basically walking sparklers. I’ll have Wil read this over to check my grammar later and […]

It’s time for another round of photos from the archive! Since starting my blog I’ve been trying to occasionally go back and blog some of the sessions that happened back before my website was born. Today’s addition is Derick & Katie’s engagement session from February 2014. Looking back through these reminded me that they are […]

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