Danny + Jennifer | Engaged

July 4, 2018

San Antonio, Texas

Meet mine and Wil’s dear friends Danny & Jennifer. We’ve been friends with Danny for forever and had regularly had the discussion of how excited we were for Danny to find his “one” because we knew we were going to absolutely love her. It came as no surprise to us when we met Jennifer that she was even better than we hoped. They’re perfect for each other, blah, blah, blah, whatever. The real story here is that Danny found me another best friend. We wish them all the best in life and whatnot… But really, I’m just cheering them on for my own selfish ambitions. 😉
Seriously though, I love these 2 together.

We took these photos back in April, but waited on posting most of them until after they tied the knot! Jennifer wanted to surprise her family with them so IT’S FINALLY TIME TO RELEASE THE CRACKENS PHOTOS!

I’m so freaking blessed to not only get to do what I do, but to have people like Danny & Jennifer in my life. They’re the one in a million kind of friends.

Enough mushy stuff. Go look at how in love they obviously are and then wish them a wonderful honeymoon!

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