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May 10, 2016

Some people in life naturally stand out from a crowd. They march to their own beat and love their individuality. They seem to flawlessly know who they are and who they want to be and every interaction that you have with them encourages you to push outside of your creativity box without even realizing it. Megan is one of those gems.

I met Megan at Jared and Amanda’s wedding (she’s Amanda’s little sister and not only is that obvious from the fact that they’re both drop dead gorgeous, but they’re officially two of the most photogenic people I’ve ever met). I was ecstatic as soon as I was asked to Megan’s senior session and overjoyed when I found out the ideas she had for her session: snow, chalk, and a pool. Well, also snakes. If anybody knows someone with a snake or twelve that we can do a session with I’m pretty sure this creative and adventurous girl would be all over that.

Possibly the best way to sum up Megan is the fact that she came to her session after indoor skydiving with her mom that morning. Um, seriously? We may or may not be making plans to go shark diving at some point. Totally a girl after my own heart. Check out her session for an even better picture of this girl and her fun-loving brave heart.

Megan, it was truly an honor. Let’s get those snakes and make some more magic happen.

& the coolest chalk dust video that’s ever existed…

Snow was from Snow in Seconds¬†and I’d totally recommend it. Their customer service was awesome, it was easy to use, and we all came real close to taking a nap in it.

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