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January 5, 2019

Floresville, TX

We’re just not going to talk about how long it took me to get this post up, ok? The end of the year is always more unexpectedly crazy than I think it’ll be and when the first week of January comes around I’m always shocked how behind I am on everything. Thankfully I catch up quickly, ha!

I’m so excited to show off this session to y’all. It’s a great session with the liveliest of all families. They’re as tight-knit as they come and spunky to boot. We got the whole family involved too! Multi-generational family sessions like this are always a lot of fun. Lots of stories, laughter, and sometimes a few tears. 😉 No worries though, everybody in the family was a trooper! We even had a mini smash the cake session too! It was a great quick little session and I’m so pumped for y’all to check it out.

It was wonderful getting to capture these guys, and I hope to do it again soon.

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