San Antonio, TX Prepare yourself for a GIANT blog post, ok? Amanda’s smoke bomb session is out of this world. I really couldn’t narrow this one down any more than I did and that’s saying something because there’s still a bunch for photos from this session that I wish I was including. Guys, this session […]

Fairfield, Ohio Tory and her sister Tierney are my childhood best friends. Nearly every memory before the age of 8 includes them. The only thing that was every able to separate us was the military. Life has kept us from keeping up with each other better, but every time we’ve been reunited it’s been like […]

Some people in life naturally stand out from a crowd. They march to their own beat and love their individuality. They seem to flawlessly know who they are and who they want to be and every interaction that you have with them encourages you to push outside of your creativity box without even realizing it. […]

Is anybody else tired of me talking about having a hard time picking out my favorites from a session? Because I know I am. I’d like to take all the credit and say that it’s all because I’m just oh so amazing at what I do (insert a lol here because there will never be […]

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